Hello, thanks for visiting SoftlensQueen.com, my name is Linda and I’m the owner of this website. I’ll help you to know more about Softlens Queen.

Softlens Queen was founded in 2009 in Indonesia, we used to use Blezink Cupidz as our business name. Blezink Cupidz itself has grown into biggest Contact Lenses online store in Indonesia at that time. We were covered by several media and have thousands of customers from various provinces in our country.

After few years, in 2013, we decided to change our company name into SoftlensQueen.com, with the main purpose, so it will be easier to remember and call. It happened really fast since that time, and we decide to change our business concept in 2016, in order to give better service for our customer from other country, and compete in global market.


We provide several top contact lens brand products that is needed by most of global customer, especially those that comes from Asia, such as Batis Spartax lens, Deuba Sweety Plus, Dream Color1, Soloticaone korea, Avenue lens from USA, Pretty Doll lens, Geo circle lens, EOS contact lens and many more.

We dedicated ourselves to give you best service, provide best products and giving best packages delivery.
We hope you like SoftlensQueen.com as our customer like us. Thanks.