Softlens Exchange is only applicable during the 7 days after the softlens reaches the destination. After 7 days, the warranty is not applicable. We will exchange for a new softlens if it’s received in conditions : torn or defective.


Torn or defective

Please take a photo as a proof and contact to our email to We will exchange it for a new softlens with the same model and the same power (minus) but Shipping cost not included (you must bear and pay for shipping cost). You only can apply exchange program for 1 time replacement for the same order. We are not responsible if you already exchange the lens but still not comfortable in your eyes, and we can not accept exchange if you already exchange your lens for that order.


Wrong package

if there’s a wrong package, we will give your money back (exclude shipping), or you can buy a product by paying the difference from the product you received.
For example : You received a wrong product with a value of USD 14.90. You choose to buy a new product with a value of USD 19.80 So, you need to pay the difference, which is USD $5. Shipping cost not included.


Tingling on use or uncomfortable in using after the product is opened

For this, please try to leave the softlens soaked with the solution for 1 day. Soak with the fitting softlens solution, because the solution can have a big effect in comfort. If it still doesn’t feel fit, it will make a tingling sensation, a feeling that you are wearing and can really feel the softlens. If afterwards, it’s still the same, you can contact our instagram @softlensqueen or email to



Refund only can do if customer goods not available and the customer does not want to replace with other goods.
Refund does not apply if the customer does not like the color that have been bought.
Refund does not apply if your package has been sent, but has not arrived within the period of time that has been determined by the shipping service.
Refund does not apply if you buy contact lenses are not in accordance with your expectations.
Refund does not apply if you buy contact lenses are not in accordance with your expectations.
Please note that we reserve the right to refuse a refund, exchange, or replacement of any products, if we have reasons to believe the defective claim to be fraudulent or otherwise invalid.